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Just a Bystander

Just a Bystander

By Jordan Ginsberg • Jun 10th, 2009 • Category: ModBlog


We all took turns admiring this wonderful corset piece a few days ago, largely because of how well it was coordinated with the wearer’s dress. Well, here we have some more lovely pierced corsetry, albeit placed slightly differently. I have to say, though, this project is a bit more difficult to fit into a whole ensemble, especially for a wedding. Unless, you know, she’s just wearing a pair of old school Keds or something. Hmm…hey, photo shoot idea!

And of course, all the click-through and post-jump images you’ve come to know and love and expect from we here at ye olde ModBlog.

(Corset project by Steven Pure at Thick As Thieves Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.)

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